Digital-fluxus is an interactive, performative fluxus project and lesson plan. Fluxus art creates performance events, time-based works, poetry, visual art, and literature. In this setting, it uses performance and poetry. It combines a bodily art form within a web browser medium. Users interpret a performative prompt, and execute it in their own representation. Users respond  in a written format through interactive prompts in which is archived on a projected screen using socket.io. The written responses are, in a way, a weaved poetic representation of the culture and interests in the participants of this lesson.

Digital-Fluxus is ongoing, adapting, and growing. For inside or outside a classroom, it’s something more than a teaching lesson. It’s collaboration, interaction, and adaptive. It creates the possibility of performative arts in junction within a web browser.

This lesson plan has been presented at the Art Educators of Minnesota Conference in Minneapolis, November of 2018.


This lesson plan has been presented at the National Art Education Association (NAEA) conference in Boston March of 2019. It will be presented at the next NAEA conference in Minneapolis 2020.

For the full lesson plan, Visit The MCAD Teaching artist website: